Communication strategy for a Conversational news app

Role: Strategy / Senior UX Designer / Information Architect / User Interface Designer

The Challenge

Deliver global and local content, relevant to employees in an easy accessible manner. Taking into account ZEISS communication strategy 1:1 brand communication.

We were challenged to design a news app along with a communication strategy. Consolidating channels of internal communication, through a hub ecosystem solution.

Tasks & Deliverables

  • UX research
  • Workshop
  • Strategy
  • Stakeholder and user interviews
  • Wireframes and conversational flows
  • Prototypes and user interface
  • Planning

The Solution

The conversational news app is the genesis of conversational brand called the voice of ZEISS; which strategically integrates into existing channels of communication. Moreover, catering a wide reach of users, targeting baby boomers and Gen Xers.

Through workshops and research I was able to find user insights. After a few iterations and dialog with the client, we ultimately designed an application with both a conversational news feed as well as topic-based news feed.

UX Research

  • Organisational structure
  • Digital presence of business groups
  • Stakeholder goals, values and behaviour
  • User behaviours and needs


My research covered: Infrastructure, user channels and engagement. Out of my personal interest, I joined a hackathon which allowed the chance to talk directly with diverse employees. Through the workshops with stakeholders I was able to understand, identify pain points and gain insights.

Core Concept

Parallel to the application features and architecture, it was important to address the several aspects relating to the shift in communication behaviour. The core concept embarked the following points:

Content idea

Identify the source and flow of information. Designed a plan for possible content definition. Prepared a rough matrix of the content overview and task definitions.

Personalization & Customization

Specified how business groups and corporate communications would deliver real-time relevant content to employees.

Designed user flow for customization settings

Technological landscape

Proposed a road plan for digitalization. Beginning from pilot of chatbot to a NLP intelligent agent.


A platform of discussion for ZEISS. Logging in and authentication. Q&A for ZEISS work council.

Information Architecture

The app architecture covered four areas: Onboarding, news feeds conversational and topic-based, personal area and application settings.

Wireframing & Prototyping

To overcome the time constrains I opted for storyboarding and rapid-paper prototypes. The tool of choice for wireframing, designing conversational flows and mapping is Sketch.

Thanks to my sparring team for constant feedback and brainstorming: Account director, Content director, Work council, CTO, Editor, Business director and ZEISS.