UX Audit

Role: Senior UX Designer / Information Architect / UX Auditor

The Challenge

Deliver a UX Audit for Continental tires. Six markets in addition to the global site were to be throughly analyzed. Identify gaps and quick wins to increase the user engagement. Analyze campaigns and categories.

Tasks & Deliverables

  • Analyze site structure in 6 markets and global site
  • User flow homepage, tires and tire finder
  • Campaign and category analysis
  • Summary quick wins & strategy
  • Brand recognition evaluation and vision


The parameters of the audit had been set to the homepage, two categories and four campaigns. Based on cognitive walkthroughs, we were able to provide enough evidence-supported recommendations. Our goal was to supply enough qualitative data to redesign and restructure the site. Together with the performance and content teams we united our forces to deliver three audits in our respective areas of expertise.

Identifying gaps and quick wins

The site was product oriented. The push pull content strategy was not being fully applied. Users were not able to consume content in a delightful manner. Rather, they were prompt to take a decision. The call to actions lacked semantic context. The site was oriented for a savvy audience.

A few quick wins

  • Coherent labelling of CTAs
  • Increase SEO through engaging copywriting
  • Templates and modules for campaigns and landing pages
  • Optimize Tire Finder module

Responsiveness, accessibility and readability

We analyze the site in different devices. We screen recorded cognitive walkthroughs. These revealed the complexity of the information architecture and inconsistencies in usability.

YouTube & Google Image Recognition

Our thirst for understanding users and their interaction with the brand we acted out scenarios regarding buying tires, which led us to take a closer look at the brand in YouTube and Google image recognition.

Sitemap & Content Matrix

In order to support the audit we provided a content matrix. The sitemap single out templates and flagged duplicates.

Tapping artificial intelligence

My drive for innovation inspired me to propose a few long term wins. AI and SEO, IoT and Continental and augmented reality app for product configurator.


The positive outcome of the audit can be seen months later in the analytics. The tire finder was in my opinion revolutionized in favour to the users.

Thanks to my supporting partner UX Intern.