Messenger Chatbot

Role: Senior UX Designer / Information Architect

The Challenge

BOSCH desired to explore with new channels of communications through a chatbot.

The first challenge was to ideate a chatbot. The second was to develop the selected idea into implementation. Finally, design a conversational flow that would match the personality traits of the conversational interface.


  • Ideate different chatbots
  • Rough concepts and use cases
  • Consulting in conversational ui and user behaviour
  • Conversational flow

The Solution

Within the team, we brainstormed a few possible use cases for a chatbot. Consequently, I prepare a rough concept for our best use cases. During the implementation I consulted team and shared knowledge on conversational UI's.

Conclusively, in conjunction with the editor we designed the conversational flow for Frizz a messenger chatbot.

The outcome, designed a friendly a witty conversational interface for BOSCH

You can check out Bosch Frizz Bot in FB

Ideation and Use Cases

The Outcome

As a result, conversational flows for Frizz, a Facebook Messenger chatbot conversing about BOSCH technologies.

Thanks to my team: Editors, Senior PMs and UX Intern.